"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."


ZoomAway Travel Inc. (ZMA.V) has chosen to use Ethereum to institute its blockchain integration. Ethereum is a recognized leader in both blockchain and cryptocurrency and provides Zoomaway with a key trust component for it's own integrated blockchain allowing the use of cryptocurrency.

Ethereum's virtual machine and open-source developer tools will allow the company to fully integrate the advantages of blockchain to its current systems. In particular, the smart contract features of Ethereum's platform are of great use to Zoomaway. Most of the company's daily operations and interactions with customers are based on contracts, and the details, regulations, rates and inventory rules that come with them. The smart contract tools will allow the company to: continue to reduce overhead in both accounting and administration, to instantly distribute funds to vendors for rooms or activities, to integrate instant refunds or credits for changes or cancellations, and to accept both traditional and non-traditional forms of payment at the same time.

The integration of these tools will provide both Zoomaway Nevada and Travel Game Block Chain (Canadian Subsidiary) with a shared backend running on the same services. The core backend changes will also allow for an easy and quick product delivery to any potential licensee's in any market.

"The Hospitality Industry is changing very quickly, the onset of Blockchain and Crypto Currency projects like LockChain (Lockchain.co ) and Winding Tree (Windingtree.com) are signaling huge changes in the way third parties are going to operate in the future," stated Sean Schaeffer, chief executive officer of Zoomaway Travel Inc. "We are watching the space very carefully and there is a very good chance that third parties, mainly the large OTA's are going to be greatly affected by the success of companies like these. The middle man is in great jeopardy as these companies are promising no mark-ups in a direct channel between the hotel or property owner and the consumer. Our bundling software and activity knowledge will help us work with companies like these that are focusing just on room only services."

About ZoomAway Inc.

ZoomAway (Nevada Co.) provides leading hotels, golf resorts, ski resorts and activity providers with a seamless, scalable and fully integrated technology platform that allows for the discounted packaging of lodging, ski, golf, activities and attractions. It seamlessly integrates into client websites, providing their customers with a real time one stop shop for all of their travel and recreation needs. Additional information about ZoomAway Inc. can be found at www.zoomawaytravelinc.com .

Travel Game Block Chain Inc. (Canadian Co.) is our new company dedicated to housing new projects in the Digital Games and Block Chain formats. The company is working on a new company website and presentation materials for its projects and will make an announcement when these are complete.