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Datametrex AI Ltd.'s (DM.V) joint venture Graph Blockchain Ltd., with its San Francisco-based partner, Bitnine Global Inc. have commenced building a prototype blockchain and graph database solution to monitor data at electric vehicle charging stations.

Graph Database and Blockchain technology provides a unique way of organizing, analyzing and displaying Blockchain transactional data in real-time. The power utility company will make effective use of Datametrex Blockchain's implementation of metadata, Graph database, and Blockchain solutions. Our Graph Database technology presents Blockchain data up to 1,000 times faster than traditional methods from 7 transactions per second to 7,000 TPS. It is the most effective technology to store, manage and present Blockchain transactions specifically in peer to peer networks making it ideal for Fintech, Banking and other mission critical environments.

A key concept of the system is the Graph, which when compared with traditional relational databases is much faster and more efficient when searching key information several levels deep. Graph databases store data as entities and relationships, by making it much easier and quicker to analyze information. They can provide a much quicker way to analyze and present the data from a Blockchain from transaction to transaction.

"As we roll-out our data and AI platforms through our recent acquisition of Nexalogy in a number of new markets, the value of Graphical database and Blockchain technology become even more prevalent. Graph Blockchain's solutions fill a huge gap in the business intelligence marketplace by authenticating and validating structured and unstructured data, and presenting it more effectively than before," says Andrew Ryu, Chairman and CEO of the Company.

About the Company

Datametrex AI Limited is focused on the collection of retail sales data, providing Government Agencies and Fortune 500 corporations with Artificial Intelligence solutions and implementing Blockchain technology for secure data transfers and cryptocurrency mining.