"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."


Relevium Technologies Inc. (RLV.V) has signed a joint venture agreement (JV) with Quantomic LLC for Tagspire, a virtual retail and visual commerce platform.


  • Tagspire uses AI and machine learning to autotag products to retailers in photos and videos.
  • Product database of over 35 million and growing.
  • Tagspire is fully operational on iOS and Android.
  • JV consummated on a proposed initial coin offering (ICO) or equity financing of plus $20-million (U.S.).
  • Relevium will integrate the platform to the blockchain as a network utility token.

Aurelio Useche, chief executive officer of Relevium Technologies, stated, "Initially announced on Sept. 7, 2017, Relevium has been looking at how to integrate AI and machine learning in the e-commerce space." Mr. Useche continued: "The team quickly found out that the biggest hurdle was to have enough data in order to gain insight on consumer behaviour. Tagspire solves this issue as all user data is generated in the Tagspire ecosystem and then pushed out to platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. The team at Relevium believes that the Tagspire platform is a perfect candidate for blockchain integration as a network token and an ICO."

Karim Hijazi, president and founder of Quantomic LLC, stated: "I created Tagspire when witnessing the rise of visual platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat; where immense amounts of time and creativity were being spent producing content. However, effective monetization of that content was still nascent."

Mr. Hijazi went on to state: "With Tagspire, the goal was to create a truly immersive, fun and social marketplace platform that would appeal not only to entrepreneurial consumers, but also to influencers and brands alike. I believe that user-generated content leveraged appropriately and effectively will be the next big disruptor in retail; not to mention the unparalleled intelligence that could be gleaned from it."

What is Tagspire?

Tagspire is a virtual retail and visual commerce platform, the purpose of which is to deliver high-fidelity marketing intelligence to brands, harvested from user-generated content. Presently, Tagspire can be used on iOS, Android, and as a WebApp and browser extension. When images are captured and pushed to social media, users earn a commission on any sales made from items/objects that are tagged in their photos or videos.

Tagspire is a sales engine inside an Instagram-like environment capitalizing on discovery and the "impulse purchase" facilitated by a familiar face. Autotagging functionalities are currently being deployed and the artificial intelligence engine -- using Google TensorFlow -- can recognize over 35 million retail products ranging from apparel to electronics and cosmetics. The Tagspire technology is in constant evolution and can already autogenerate tags on static images as well as in video clips. Tagspire currently connects to such retailers as: Best Buy, Avon, Target and American Eagle. A full list of currently connect retails can be found at the Tagspire website.