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Calyx Bio-Ventures Inc.'s (CYX.V) wholly owned subsidiary, Canada Blockchain Hosting Corp. (CBH), has changed its name to Canada Blockchain Holdings Corp. to better reflect its purpose as the holding company for all cryptocurrency and blockchain operations of the company. This includes mining operations, data validation and assets, data acquisition, cryptocurrencies and other blockchain related assets. CBH has recognized revenues of approximately US$50,000 in its first full month of operation utilizing one-quarter of its owned capacity. CBH is also in negotiations to acquire an additional 100 machines to install into a purpose built facility to be located in Vancouver British Columbia.

"Utilizing our proprietary mining optimization algorithm which selects the type of cryptocurrency to be mined (on a near "real-time" basis) we have been able to exceeded our expectations and we are excited for even better results as we continue to aggressively expand our mining capacity and further refine the algorithm. Based on the mining revenues to date and interest expressed by our clients, peers, and suppliers, I believe that Calyx is very well positioned to achieve continued growth, implement our business initiatives, and achieve our near term goals" explained Chief Executive Officer Roger Forde. "We are definitely aiming to be a strong mover in the blockchain-based enterprise application market this year."

The company has also extended its national data network footprint to better service the growing enterprise AI and AR market. With an overwhelming demand for such compute resources, these sectors continue to expand in size and have demonstrated very strong compute and storage similarities as required for crypto-mining and private blockchain transactions.

"Cannigistics, our full stack software development company, has received interest from many other organizations that are now beginning to pursue a blockchain enabled strategy and while we're excited about the future potential of these opportunities, Cannigistics continues to work aggressively towards a mid-year release of our "Canadian Cannabis Exchange Platform" which will create a unique marketplace to facilitate secure blockchain transactions between any legal market participants."

Revenue figures for CBH are for the month of December, and the Company cautions that such figures have not been audited. Actual results may differ from those reported in this release once those figures have been audited. The Company can provide no certainty regarding the future success of mining operations in any digital currencies, and there can be no assurance that such operations will prove to be profitable.

About Calyx

Calyx operates a software development business which produces custom software for enterprises and innovative, well-financed startups. Cannigistics Agri-Solutions Corp., a software development business that has created a software platform originally designed for advanced indoor agriculture, has now evolved to serve a wider range of industries and Canada Blockchain Holdings Corp., a company operating in the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency sector. Calyx also owns a portfolio of proprietary intellectual property with applications in crop enhancement, as well as messaging software assets.