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Blockchain Foundry Inc.(BCNF.C) has released Blockmarket Desktop 3.0. The latest version of Blockmarket introduces several new features to its decentralized marketplace, including an easy-to-use blockchain-based asset creation portal, simplifying the difficult and time-consuming token creation process.

The Blockmarket product suite has been in development since 2015 through collaboration between the Syscoin development team and Blockchain Foundry. "A decentralized, user-friendly marketplace has major benefits for merchants and consumers alike. The release of Blockmarket Desktop 3.0 is a major milestone on our road to realizing this vision," said Dan Wasyluk, chief executive officer of Blockchain Foundry.

Blockmarket Desktop 3.0 precedes the highly anticipated Blockmarket Web application and the Pangolin Web payment plugin. Blockmarket Web will deliver all of Blockmarket Desktop's features and more in a mobile-friendly, Web-based experience intended to compete with leading e-commerce companies, while Pangolin will provide the necessary payment infrastructure for users to seamlessly transact on-line using Syscoin or Bitcoin as payment options. Blockmarket Web and Pangolin are expected to be core revenue-generating products for Blockchain Foundry. They will use the same infrastructure layer developed for Blockmarket Desktop, delivering a better experience with less friction to a larger userbase through a Web-enabled platform.

Blockmarket Desktop 3.0 features:

  • A unique asset creation portal: Create, send, mint and collect interest on Syscoin assets. Crowdfund your venture, assign tokens to your physical assets, and create and distribute loyalty points to consumers, all with just a few clicks.
  • Decentralized marketplace: Trade goods and services openly on the world's first decentralized marketplace, built on the Syscoin protocol's hardened smart contract network.
  • Identities and aliases: An alias is a blockchain username essential for Syscoin services. Users can create an alias and associate it with identity data, including KYC/AML information, which can be validated on the blockchain. Aliases are interchangeable with addresses, simplifying sending tokens from one user to another and eliminating the need to remember long wallet addresses. Identities use Blockchain Foundry's offchain identity service which can store expanded identity data for longer periods of time for a small charge.
  • Messaging: Send and receive encrypted messages from one alias to another using Blockchain Foundry's off-chain, encrypted messaging platform secured by the blockchain. Users can store larger amounts of message data for longer periods of time through paid services.
  • Escrow: A flexible, blockchain-based escrow system that enables multiple users to secure a transaction with the support of a trusted third party arbiter. By default, escrow transactions through Blockmarket are secured by Blockchain Foundry's buyer protection service, creating revenue for the company in the form of arbitration fees.
  • Certificates: Create, store and record data using the blockchain. Certificates can be transferred between users, enabling use cases such as rights management, supply chain and digital goods applications.
  • Built-in wallet and funding manager: Easily convert existing tokens to Syscoin without leaving the application. Blockmarket Desktop 3.0 supports 32 different cryptocurrencies.

About Blockchain Foundry Inc.

Blockchain Foundry develops and commercializes blockchain-based business solutions and provides consulting services to corporate clients seeking to incorporate blockchain technology in their businesses. Blockchain Foundry has developed a proprietary blockchain-based e-commerce solution, Blockmarket, which is a downloadable software application, and has begun development work on a Web-based Blockmarket application. Blockchain Foundry has also added personnel in the area of corporate development and business development to explore other blockchain-based opportunities going forward.