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The soft ground conditions at LaVernia have significantly improved and that Advantagewon Oil Corp.'s (AOC.C) drilling rig that was previously on standby, has now been moved onto the LaVernia field and the drilling of the first three of the proposed six wells has commenced.

Completion and testing operations will be carried out upon conclusion of the drilling program. Each vertical well will be approximately 400 metres in total depth, and the drilling is expected to take approximately three days per well.

As previously stated in the corporation's Jan. 22, 2018, press release, once drilling and equipping of the six wells is completed, the wells are expected, on average, to add 15 barrels of oil per day per well, for a total of 90 barrels of oil per day. The corporation is still awaiting for the drilling permits to arrive on the remaining three wells and anticipates that these permits will arrive this coming week.

About Advantagewon Oil Corp.

Advantagewon is focused on building consistent cash flow from low-cost, low-risk oil wells in the state of Texas. Advantagewon applies specialized expertise in oil pool development by development drilling, pressure restoration and maintenance using water and chemical injection to increase oil recovery from 10 to 15 per cent to up to 75 per cent for each pool. Once the enhanced recovery strategy is successfully applied, Advantagewon will repeat the process throughout the oil pool to maximize output and minimize cost and risk.