"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."


Delivra Corp., Dosecann Inc. (DVA.V) and ARA-Avanti Rx Analytics Inc. have entered into a strategic partnership to develop a unique suite of standardized products for the medical cannabis research, development and commercialization markets.

"The Federal Government of Canada has numerous concerns, and barriers to overcome, before legalizing cannabis, including stricter regulatory controls. The partnership between the three companies addresses many of these concerns, providing greater safety and efficacy of medical cannabis specific products for the patient, with products that provide consistent, accurate dosing, and that are manufactured under pharmaceutical GMP Standards," said Dr. Joseph Gabriele, CEO of Delivra. "This collaboration between Delivra, Dosecann and Avanti addresses an exploding field of medicine by seeking to standardize, validate, package and distribute cannabis products in innovative mono-dose delivery platforms to licensed producers and other future legal distribution networks, ultimately meeting the needs of the patient."

"This agreement both validates Delivra's proprietary transdermal platform technology and allows Delivra to capitalize on an unmet need in the pain market: to provide quality, accuracy, consistency and repeatable dosing using cannabis-based therapeutics," added Dr. Joseph Gabriele. "This transaction provides our shareholders with compelling value to participate in the changing landscape of the cannabis marketplace in which standardization will be a key to success. With formulation and extraction beginning immediately, we expect that this transaction will be accretive to the Company's Q4 2017 revenue."

Strategic Rationale

Cannabis is a diversified plant that has many medicinal applications for diseases such as pain, sleep, anxiety, epilepsy, and cancer. However, cannabis is a controlled substance and needs to be accurately metered and dosed.

The collaboration supports and accelerates a standard in the medical cannabis market including:

Evidenced based science to validate its medicinal properties;

Expertise in formulation and transdermal delivery;

Cannabis standardization, ensuring each lot produced contains the exact amount of medicinal and non-medicinal ingredients;

Third-party regulatory testing to assure each product is safe and efficacious; and

A reliable dosing platform to prevent patients from overdosing and by receiving the same measured dose each time.

Properly administered, medical cannabis provides real alternatives to more addictive type drugs, including opioids.

Under the terms of the agreement, Delivra will use its expertise in formulation and proprietary delivery system platform to conduct preclinical and clinical studies for the evolving Canadian medical marijuana market along with international markets. Dosecann will potentially gain a suite of medical cannabis products for pain, sleep and anxiety packaged in a novel, revolutionary topical mono-dose format and a metered dosed oral spray. The costs of the clinical trials and research will be paid by Dosecann, Delivra will own the intellectual property, and Delivra will receive a royalty percentage on the related sales of the suite of medical cannabis products in a license agreement which continues for as long as the products are sold by Dosecann. Avanti will be responsible for the quality-control testing, extraction and production of the finished products under pharmaceutical GMP Standards.

"This three-way joint venture with Delivra and Avanti enables us to potentially formulate, manufacture and distribute medical cannabis products that are standardized, quality controlled and provided through unique delivery platforms effectively dosing medical cannabis," said Greg Boone, Founder of Dosecann.


Delivra Corp. is a specialty biotechnology company that has a proprietary transdermal delivery system platform that can shuttle pharmaceutical and natural molecules, through the skin, in a targeted specific manner. Delivra manufactures and sells a growing line of natural topical creams with the proprietary transdermal delivery system platform under the LivRelief{A ™} brand, for conditions such as joint and muscle pain, nerve pain, varicose veins, wound healing, and under the LivSport{A ™} brand for sports performance. LivRelief{A ™} products are available in pharmacies, grocery chains, and independent health food stores across Canada, and on-line at www.livrelief.com. LivRelief{A ™} pain and nerve pain products are also available in the United States on Amazon and at www.livrelief.com/us. In parallel with its consumer products business, Delivra also has a mandate to license its patent-pending proprietary transdermal delivery technology platform to pharmaceutical companies globally, for the transdermal delivery of repurposing Rx molecules to treat a broad range of conditions, along with licensing its over-the-counter products globally. Delivra is headquartered in Burlington, Ontario and has a research and development laboratory in Charlottetown, PEI.