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Quadron Capital Corp. (QCC.C) has completed the research and development of its newly designed, proprietary automated odour elimination system (OES) designed specifically for the industrial cannabis industry. The company believes it is the first and most efficient solution in the market to eliminate residual odours that remain after being filtered by industry-standard carbon filtration systems.

The automated OES monitors volatile organic compound (VOC) odour levels in a production facility's exhaust system and automatically delivers measured levels of ONA odour neutralizer to eliminate residue cannabis smell. Quadron will sell the proprietary OES and generate recurring revenue from the sale of ONA to its clients.

ONA is a world-known cannabis odour suppressant, used by cannabis cultivators in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom and Europe since 1995. ONA is specifically formulated to neutralize cannabis odour, without leaving residual fragrance in the air.

With the expansion of legalized cannabis production worldwide, cannabis odour from production facilities is a major issue facing many licensed growers and their communities. Municipalities are implementing odour control regulations. Facilities that do not adhere to such odour control regulations can be subject to fines, and be required to add odour control technology to their ventilation and filtration equipment.

Rosy Mondin, chief executive officer of Quadron, stated: "By monitoring and throttling the precise dosages of ONA, we efficiently eliminate odours without creating any overpowering chemical smells. We believe we will see more and more regulatory controls for licensed growers in regard to odour control, and therefore see this as a large-scale opportunity to be a global leader in the industrial cannabis odour abatement market."

Developed by Cybernetic Control Systems (a Quadron subsidiary), the OES is fully ETL/CSA approved.

About Quadron Capital Corp.

Quadron operates through its two subsidiaries, Soma Labs Scientific Inc. and Greenmantle Products Ltd., providing ancillary equipment, products and services, designed and structured to address the complex needs and requirements of cannabis industry participants in Canada and the United States. Soma provides research, services and production equipment to the biotech and bioceutical industries, including cannabis extraction and processing equipment that is being leased and/or sold to various industry participants. Greenmantle's business involves the sale of ancillary cannabis products, such as customized dispensing devices (that is vaporizer pens) and consumption type products such as branded encapsulation products to authorized cannabis industry participants.