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Wildflower Marijuana Inc. (SUN.C) has signed a wholesale brokerage agreement with one of the world's largest retail brokers, making Wildflower the first cannabis company to transition from the specialized cannabis market to mainstream retail distribution.

Wildflower's full line of hemp-derived cannabidiol-plus products, including cannabidiol-based topicals, soaps, capsules and vaporizers, will be distributed throughout the United States where cannabidiol is legal in all 50 states.

With 165 offices in the United States and Canada and employing 40,000 people, the wholesale broker provides Wildflower a large sales force to market and build out the retail distribution for its cannabidiol-plus products. As sales terms and conditions are set by Wildflower, including timing and pricing, and negotiated by the wholesaler with the retailer, it allows Wildflower to do a staged rollout with an initial focus on health and wellness retailers to allow Wildflower to ramp up production and prepare for the larger national retailers.

Wildflower is co-ordinating orders with its production capabilities. Production facilities are being expanded and streamlined in order to meet the expected demand. As the first cannabis company to make the transition from specialized medical and cannabis markets to mainstream retail distribution, Wildflower is preparing specialized marketing and educational tools for the sales force.

Wildflower's chief executive officer, William MacLean, stated: "Accessing the retail consumer goods market is a great milestone for our company. With such a unique blend of products we were able to offer products that could go into multiple retail categories such as conventional retail, natural whole products, pharmacies and specialty health stores. With the government of Canada in the process of legalizing cannabis, the timing couldn't be better for us to secure access into the North American retail market."

About Wildflower Marijuana Inc.

Wildflower is a cannabis company focused on developing and designing branded cannabis products. Wildflower sells its cannabidiol-plus products on-line and to retailers throughout the United States and also produces and markets its tetrahydrocannabinol products in regulated cannabis jurisdictions.