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Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc. (EAC.C) has launched Dr. Marijane, the company's specially formulated cannabis biofertilizer.

Dr. Marijane is a 100-per-cent organic root probiotic that has been shown to increase cannabis yields by up to 28 per cent. Scientific testing and validation of its performance began in 2014, and results have been repeatedly confirmed by several licensed commercial producers over the last year. Starting today, Dr. Marijane is available for purchase by growers in Canada and certain regions of the United States.

"Cannabis is moving out of the basement and into the boardroom, and with that move has come increased public scrutiny. In the face of recent product recalls, it has become crucial for licensed producers to cultivate healthy plants without adding more synthetic and potentially toxic chemicals," stated David Gilmour, chief executive officer of Earth Alive. "Dr. Marijane meets the challenge by boosting marijuana yields and producing vigorous plants in a safe and sustainable way."

Michael K. Warren, vice-president of global operations, agricultural solutions, noted: "There are more than 20,000 Canadians licensed to grow cannabis for personal use under the current medical marijuana rules. Meanwhile, with the Canadian government planning to legalize recreational marijuana by July, 2018, licensed growers are undertaking aggressive plans to expand their production capacity. We are also offering the product in a number of states where production is legal for recreational and medicinal purposes. Dr. Marijane is a specialized biofertilizer designed to bring success to cannabis growers, and we look forward to taking a place in this dynamic and expanding sector."

Dr. Marijane is approved for organic production, does not contain genetically modified ingredients or synthetic chemicals, and can be used with soil or soilless substrate. It is available in a range of packaging formats suitable for retail and commercial production.

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