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WeedMD Inc. (WMD.V) has entered into a letter of intent with Tokyo Smoke BrandCo to license Van der Pop, North America's premium female-focused cannabis brand. The partnership will allow WeedMD to produce and ship Van der Pop's branded cannabis in Canada to patients registered through the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations system. WeedMD will deliver its indoor Ontario-grown cannabis under the Van der Pop brand for its Canadian patients starting in late 2017. The transaction marks Tokyo Smoke BrandCo's second licensing deal in Canada focused on combining its premium brands with medical licensed producers, to shape how future cannabis brands operate in Canada.

"Van der Pop is the highest visibility female-focused cannabis brand, and is helping to drive the evolution of the cannabis industry. We are thrilled to partner with Van der Pop as its grower of choice in Canada, given its innovative approach to creating a premium cannabis experience focused specifically on women," said Bruce Dawson-Scully, CEO of WeedMD. "We believe that branding will be one of the key differentiators in the cannabis market and we look forward to working with the Van der Pop and Tokyo Smoke BrandCo teams to create a unique offering in the Canadian cannabis landscape."

Partnering with Van der Pop brings WeedMD further along its strategic path of targeting unique and under-served demographics of the Canadian cannabis market, including the difficult-to-penetrate long-term care and retirement sectors. With receipt of its sales license in April, the Company is now shipping dried cannabis as well as live cannabis plants to patients, and looks forward to addressing the ongoing needs of the diverse and rapidly growing medical cannabis market.

Van der Pop is the leading female-focused Cannabis brand on social media today. It has received overwhelmingly positive, international attention from the cannabis and design community in media outlets including The Coveteur, Vice, Cool Hunting, Forbes, Fashionista, High Times, and Entrepreneur. It has a dedicated following in the USA and has launched products including Poppins, a series of Italian-made locked leather stash bags, and SELF, the newly launched hemp seed oil beauty line.

"We're eager for this next step in the evolution of our business and have been carefully planning this move for quite some time. It was of paramount importance for us to select a grower that is as committed to rigorous quality control as WeedMD, but more critically, a grower that is aware that women represent a key segment of the cannabis market and currently have few product and brand offerings that speak directly to them," said April Pride, founder of Van der Pop. "I'm very excited for our customers -- existing and new -- to experience the strains that we have been working on together."

For more information, patients can sign up at www.vanderpop.com or www.tokyosmoke.com to be among the first notified when the Van der Pop cannabis becomes available.

About WeedMD Inc.:

WeedMD Inc. is a licensed producer of medical cannabis pursuant to the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR). WeedMD operates a 26,000 square foot, scalable production facility in Aylmer, Ontario with over four acres of property for future expansion. WeedMD is focused on providing consistent medicine to the long-term care and assisted living markets in Canada through its comprehensive platform developed exclusively for that industry. WeedMD is dedicated to educating healthcare practitioners and furthering public understanding of the role medical cannabis can play as an alternative to prescription medication in relieving a variety of chronic medical conditions and illnesses.