"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."


In response to a July 28, 2017, U.S. Food and Drug Administration release in which the FDA states "lowering nicotine levels could decrease the likelihood that future generations become addicted to cigarettes and allow more currently addicted smokers to quit," Radient Technologies Inc. (RTI.V) has successfully completed a project to extract nicotine from tobacco at industrial scale.

The result of over four years of research and development with a leading tobacco manufacturer, the project's goal was to remove nicotine from tobacco biomass while minimizing the impact on the appearance, smell, and taste of the nicotine-depleted tobacco. The project, based on Radient's proprietary "Microwave-Assisted Process" ("MAP(TM)") used an approach that permits the rapid, selective extraction of target compounds - such as nicotine - in large volumes.

Results of the project included

  • Nicotine depletion of over 95% across multiple cured tobacco types;
  • Nicotine depletion without altering the physical appearance of the tobacco;
  • Limited removal of compounds linked to flavor, verified by taste panel evaluation;
  • The potential for nicotine depletion in a continuous-flow system, at industrially-relevant scales.

"This project is the genesis of years of tobacco-specific research paired with our unique expertise in natural product extraction, and will allow us to introduce a suite of targeted designs, services, and manufacturing capability at a time when regulators are encouraging the development of innovative tobacco offerings." said Denis Taschuk, CEO of Radient. "We look forward to working with global brands and producers in the introduction of new products to the tobacco space."

About Radient

Radient extracts natural compounds from a range of biological materials using its proprietary MAP(TM) natural product extraction technology platform which provides superior customer outcomes in terms of ingredient purity, yield, and cost. From its initial 20,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Edmonton, Alberta, Radient serves leaders in industries that include the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, natural health, personal care and cannabis markets. Visit www.radientinc.com for more information.