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Isodiol International Inc.(ISOL.V) has acquired international licensing rights for IsoDerm{A ™} as well as five other proprietary pharmaceutical compounds to be delivered by the patented Direct Effects Technology{A ™}, a back of the neck delivery system from its developer Dr. Ronald Aung-Din, MD. Dr. Aung-Din is a board-certified neurologist by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and a recognized leader in Cannabidiol (CBD) research and its neurological benefits.

With this revolutionary non-systemic delivery system, a topical cream can be applied to the back of the neck (at the hairline) which is then picked up by the free nerve endings located in the dermis of the skin for a highly effective delivery of the compound.

"We are pleased to be moving forward with this long-anticipated transaction that gives Isodiol the international rights to the patent for specific compounds," said Marcos Agramont, CEO of Isodiol. "We utilize the back of neck technology in our IsoDerm Direct Effects Cream where it has proven to be an extremely effective method of delivering fast relief from neurologic, psychiatric and pain conditions, without concerns of systemic side effects and drug interactions. We look forward to incorporating Dr. Aung-Din's technologies in the development of a pipeline of products that may have significant application in the treatment of conditions that include Parkinson's Disease, Peripheral Neuropathy, Cluster Headaches and other significant conditions. We continue to sponsor Dr. Aung-Din's remarkable work in Autism and will continue our efforts to support the families affected by this condition."

The Company is required to pay a one time licensing fee of $300,000 USD payable over 180 days along with continued minimum royalty payments predicated on product and territories.

About Isodiol International Inc.

Isodiol International Inc. is the market leader in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical grade phytochemical compounds and the industry leader in the manufacturing and development of phytoceutical consumer products.

Isodiol is the pioneer of many firsts for the cannabis industry including commercialization of 99%+ pure, bioactive pharmaceutical grade cannabinoids, micro-encapsulations, and nanotechnology for the highest quality consumable and topical skin care products.

Isodiol's growth strategy includes the development of over-the-counter and pharmaceutical drugs, expanding its phytoceutical portfolio and will aggressively continue international expansion into Latin America, Asia and Europe.