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ACMPR Application in Process


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Alliance Growers Corp. (ACG.C) reported that the Company has commenced the ACMPR application with its partner Botanical Research In Motion International Inc. (“BRIM”).  Alliance and BRIM will begin construction of the Cannabis Botany Centre within the next 6 to 8 weeks, weather permitting.  Because the facility is a Botany Centre and can be used to propagate tissue culture plantlets for almost any plant, the Company will not have to wait several months to begin construction as is often required under the ACMPR application process.

Alliance has already acquired interests in two ACMPR applicants, most notably Canwe, a private company based in Ontario that has applied for its ACMPR license and is currently in the review and security clearance stage.  Along with the multiple financing mechanisms in place, ready to go Alliance is working to complete on the next tranches of our investment in Canwe.

“We are very fortunate to be able to commence construction as soon as reasonably possible, rather than having to wait several months under the typical ACMPR application scenario.  This shortens our timeline to receive approval for an ACMPR application.  In addition to the BRIM ACMPR, we are very our interest in Canwe, a strong ACMPR applicant, will become a valuable asset once Canwe is approved for their ACMPR license.  All stakeholders of Alliance will benefit from the arrangements we are making in the cannabis cultivator space.  We look forward to announcing our new acquisitions in the coming weeks.” said Dennis Petke, Alliance Growers’ President and CEO.

About Alliance Growers

Alliance Growers Corp is a diversified cannabis company driven by the Company’s ‘Four Pillars’ Organization Plan – Cannabis Botany Centre, Strategic ACMPR Investments, CBD Oil Supply and Distribution, and Research and Development.

Alliance Growers is finalizing a new business partnership with Botanical Research In Motion Inc., to jointly develop and operate a 40,000 square foot facility to be the first of its kind in Western Canada to house a DNA Botany lab, extraction facility and Tissue Culture Plantlet Production facility to service the Cannabis market and agriculture market in general. The proposed Cannabis Botany Centre will grow Cannabis plantlets using proprietary tissue culture propagation, specifically the “Chibafreen Invitro Plant Production System”, which assures consistent composition and purity of each plantlet for the growers.

Further, Alliance Growers has been negotiating to obtain other exclusive Canadian distribution agreements for certain proprietary products for support of the Cannabis growing industry in addition to possible partnerships with Licensed Producer Applicants at various stages in the Health Canada License process.