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THC Biomed Intl Ltd.'s (THC.C) subsidiary, THC2GO Dispensaries Ltd., has officially submitted its application to operate cannabis retail stores in Manitoba.

THC is also pleased to announce that Health Canada has amended THC's ACMPR (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations) licence to include four additional grow rooms. These additional grow rooms will allow THC to ramp up production, substantially adding an additional 400 kilograms per year. THC expects in the next few months to be the first licensed producer to offer a consistent supply of 21 different strains. The four grow rooms went into production on Friday, Dec. 15, 2017.

THC has entered into negotiations to purchase a greenhouse business in Ontario, Canada's most populated province. The greenhouse business has been operating for more than 20 years and is well suited for growing cannabis. Successful completion of the acquisition would immediately give THC 100,000 square feet of grow capacity with both facilities combined and an expansion capability of 300,000 square feet. THC is further pleased to announce that it has had its facility inspected for good production practices to enable the export of products to the European Union. The company expects positive results from the inspection and hopes to receive certification soon.

As legalization of cannabis sets in globally, the company has seen a rapid demand for its cannabis products by the international market.

The company is very satisfied with the progress it has made in 2017 and expects that its company outlook will demonstrate the rewards of its hard work. THC takes this opportunity to thank its shareholders for their patience and support. The company wishes all a safe and festive holiday season.

About THC Biomed Intl Ltd.

THC's vision is to be on the leading edge of scientific research, development of products and services related to the medical cannabis industry while creating a standard of excellence. As the industry develops, it will become more important to focus on scientific research and development of products and services related to medical cannabis.