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MPX Bioceutical Corp. (MPX.C)  has opened its newest Health for Life medical marijuana dispensary in the metropolitan Phoenix area, located at the junction of East Main and Crimson in the suburb of Apache Junction. This brings the number of dispensaries under MPX management in Arizona's Sun Valley to four. The Crimson dispensary will meet the needs of patients in this comparatively underserviced southeast quadrant of the region by making available the full spectrum of MPX concentrates, an extensive variety of cannabis flower, and a broad selection of third party, processed cannabis-infused edibles.

Expanded production of MPX concentrates

The company also announces that it has relocated the processing and production of MPX concentrates to a new location in North Mesa. Phase 1 of the buildout at this facility, now in operation, will immediately double the current production capacity of products in Arizona to approximately 150,000 grams annually. The second phase, scheduled for completion early in calendar Q3 2018, will increase potential production to over 400,000 grams per year. The final phase, expected in calendar Q4 2018, will result in annualized capacity increasing to a total in excess of 800,000 grams annually with a wholesale value (at current prices) of approximately $18-million (U.S.).

The new facility incorporates some of the most modern and innovative extraction and distillation technologies available, permitting MPX's expert processing team to produce a wide variety of products including oil cartridges, cured resin, shatter and resin sauce, all marketed under the MPX brand and advertised as the gold standard of cannabis concentrates.

Beth Stavola, MPX's chief operating officer and president of U.S. operations, says, "The addition of yet another dispensary in the Phoenix region and our launch of a significantly expanded production capacity for MPX concentrates are both indicative of our commitment to patients in this marketplace. Our growth in Arizona reflects our continued capital investment and employment creation in the state. We now employ over 150 staff at our various facilities in the Phoenix area, all of which receive extensive training and enjoy above-average salaries and benefits."

About MPX Bioceutical Corp.

MPX, an Ontario corporation, through its wholly owned subsidiaries in the United States, provides substantial management, staffing, procurement, advisory, financial, real estate rental, logistics and administrative services to two medicinal cannabis enterprises in Arizona operating under the Health for Life (dispensaries) and the award-winning Melting Point Extracts (high-margin concentrates wholesale) brands. With the acquisition of The Holistic Center, MPX adds a third operating medical cannabis enterprise to its footprint in Arizona.