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Alliance Growers Corp (ACG.C) reported that the Company has just completed a highly successful investor roadshow in Toronto, Ontario. Following the Company’s successful roadshows in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto in June, Alliance was invited back to Toronto this last week to discuss certain business opportunities that round out the Company’s medical cannabis business model by adding the clinic/pharmacy component. The meetings in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto in June and July, featured an array of interested parties including fund managers, brokers and high net worth investors


Validation of the Alliance Business Model

In addition to the strong financing interest, and certain unexpected perfect-fit, business development opportunities, the meetings consistently validated the Company’s business plan, most specifically the provision of tissue culture plantlets and other valuable services to cultivators across Canada via the Cannabis Biotech Complex. Alliance Growers has been building a diversified global cannabis company focused not on where the market is today, but where it is going. This concept is now being embraced as investors are no longer blindly investing in cannabis companies because it’s a hot sector. Instead, they are looking for high multiple return investments that consist of much more than merely an ACMPR license or application as an asset. It was made very clear from the multiple interactions with a very diversified investment community across Canada, that investors are looking for companies that differentiate themselves in the sector with realistic, significant near-term cash flow, such as Alliance Growers.

In addition to receiving positive feedback about Alliance being viewed as a highly favourable investment, the Company also received confirmation from investors who follow the space closely, that there is no other cannabis company in Canada offering anywhere near the same high quality, leading edge products and services, essential to the success of LPs, such as tissue culture plantlets being offered by Alliance via its partnership with PharmaGreen Biotech Inc.

Alliance is a Diversified Global Cannabis Company first

Alliance Growers wants to emphasize to investors that the Company is a medical cannabis company first, as it has been confirmed that medical cannabis has a global reach and is politically stable. With the roll-out of recreational use or adult-use of cannabis, Alliance Growers anticipates a significant change in the current informal medical cannabis dispensary model. It is expected that most of the existing un-licensed dispensaries, operating in the grey area, will be replaced by the more traditional clinic-pharmacy model, whereby patients will see their doctor or a new doctor and are able to fill their prescriptions either in-store or online with Alliance and PharmaGreen proprietary products, for example. To that end Alliance Growers has, for several months now, been developing its plan to embrace the inevitable change by looking at partnerships with companies with existing clinics and by searching for clinic-pharmacies to acquire, whereby Alliance Growers will provide its jointly developed proprietary medical cannabis products such as the CBD Dana strain. Meetings with several industry experts on our road trips in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto have essentially confirmed that Alliance Growers is on the right path for success in the medical cannabis sector beyond owing ACMPR licenses.  


Alliance Growers further reports that significant progress has been achieved on several fronts as follows:

-          Management has made several key advancements with Spyder Vapes Inc toward giving the Company a true plantlet to sale vertical integration in the adult-use space.

-          Management of Alliance Growers will be in Montreal Quebec later this month for a ceremonial launch of the commencement of the build-out of the Biocannatech facility, Alliance Growers’ late stage ACMPR candidate.

-          The Company also continues to benefit from on-going advancements in the development of the Cannabis Biotech Centre, the only state-of-the-art facility of its kind in Canada. PharmaGreen and Alliance will be providing a comprehensive update next week.