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Preferred Dental Technologies Inc., (PDTI.C) through its wholly owned subsidiary, Preferred Dental Implant Corp. (PDIC), has introduced PDT Wellness, a line of products designed for dental offices and beyond, dedicated to innovative health care for the patient. This new venture consists of launching a series of products composed of highest-quality, organic, pharmaceutical-grade cannabidiol (CBD), grown, harvested and manufactured in the United States. CBD is one of the non-intoxicating components of hemp and one that has indicated significant supplemental medical benefits. All PDT Wellness products are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) free and will be marketed where permitted following individual state and federal regulations.

The growing body of research surrounding the effectiveness of CBD assisting in providing some relief of pain and anxiety is incredibly promising. With this in mind, Preferred Dental, as part of its mission statement of providing innovative solutions in the dental market, has been keeping an eye on this developing field for some time. The company is pleased to announce today the culmination of this project. PDIC has negotiated a turnkey supply operation, including a fulfilment centre capable of delivering the highest-quality, pharmaceutical-grade CBD to the dental market.

Initial product suite includes soft gel capsules and sublingual tincture delivery methods in a variety of dosage concentrations, and Preferred Dental expects other products to follow as the company continues to grow.

The current opioid epidemic that has rocked the health care industry has brought further attention to the potential of CBD supplements, deemed as a safe alternative method to consider when addressing pain and other patient symptoms. This is particularly true in the dental space, where, according to many estimates, dentists prescribe 12 per cent of all immediate-release opioids in the U.S. (including 50 per cent of all opioids prescribed to adolescents), second only to family physicians (15 per cent) according to FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) numbers. They are also one of the professional groups least likely to provide long-term patient follow-up on these prescriptions. Because of this, the American Dental Association has stated, "dentists play a key role in addressing the opioid crisis" and this past summer has been crafting new policy to better address this issue. The availability of CBD as a treatment option in other health care sectors has already begun to show signs of reducing the effects and use of opioids.

With the increasing interest in CBD as a supplement and alternative treatment method, questions of product quality are a major concern for health care providers and these legitimate concerns are likely to increase. Health care professionals may feel hesitant to provide CBD options to patients because of unknown quality and source of supply. For this reason, PDIC, through its PDT Wellness line, is proud to announce that every case of its product will contain a full lab report of the product contained within. All PDT Wellness products are:

  • High-quality, pharmaceutical-grade CBD;
  • Organically grown in the U.S.;
  • THC free;
  • Full spectrum (containing a range of accepted cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG and terpenes for superior effect);
  • Nanoemulsion technology creates smaller particles for greater bioavailability and absorption;
  • Free of contaminants such as pesticides and heavy metals.

This will provide PDT Wellness products with a longevity most competitors lack. While others chase trends, PDIC aims to provide solutions requested by health care professionals, through individual consultation and surveys of concerns, wants and needs.

Preferred Dental has been developing its sales team over the past several months and it anticipates it will have further updates shortly specifically addressing progress made. In addition to the EAS Series of dental implant components, the company's sales representatives are excited to begin introducing CBD-based products to dentists and oral surgeons for their consideration. Preferred Dental is expecting product to be available within three weeks.

Preferred Dental president Erik Siegmund stated: "Obviously, we are incredibly excited to bring news of this development to our shareholders. Regardless of the skill of the dental professional, in the public eye, a visit to the dentist is associated with stress and pain. The growing research literature on CBD supplements as an available option to consider in addressing these symptoms provides an alternative for precisely these areas, making it a natural fit. Additionally, the data on anti-inflammatory qualities of CBD to date is impressive, suggesting a strong role in posttreatment healing. PDTI was founded on bringing innovative and practical solutions to the dental industry. Our original EAS Series of dental implant components, our branching into digital 3-D print solutions and now the PDT Wellness line of CBD products all embody this spirit, one which we plan to continue to grow as the company does. I would like to give thanks to the efforts of our advisers, board members and all resource personnel we have engaged with for spearheading this initiative."


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