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Med MJ

Matica Enterprises Inc. (MMJ.C) and Yunify Natural Technologies have developed their first unique and proprietary product for the consumer market.

One of the challenges facing both medical and recreational users alike is the odour of cannabis after smoking of the product. Matica and Yunify have developed a spray that captures odours through Yunify's Natural Ions Encapsulation technology; odours are trapped and they are neutralized. After spraying an area, the odour disappears and the sprayed area is left clean and fresh smelling. The product can be used as a personal spray and is also being developed as a room deodoriser. The Company is working to quickly bring the product into the consumer market place. As we approach a product launch date, Matica will be posting on the company website as to where the product will be available for purchase. Interested retailers should contact the Company directly.

Matica Enterprises CEO, Boris Ziger states, "Medical users, who need to smoke cannabis throughout the day can now do so, without worrying about the odour. This product is a game changer. Cannabis smokers can now go about their lives without worry. This spray can be used personally and the user will only smell pleasant and fresh. For those who smoke at home, their rooms can now smell clean and fresh."

Yunify CEO, Stephan Doyon informs, "This personal care grade mist is the first product resulting from our collaboration with Matica. This new product utilizes naturally programmed Ion Encapsulation technology and contains naturally balanced minerals and trace minerals with high ionic exchange ability. It is a natural and green product. Our team at Yunify is busy working on more solutions and more innovative new products. There is much more coming down the product pipeline."

About Yunify

Yunify is a Quebec based research and innovation company which creates personal care products and agricultural products. In addition to health and personal care products, Yunify is a leader in sustainable, clean, and green chemistries. Yunify is a green biotechnology leader in cannabinoid-based active ingredient and delivery systems. Its unique hydro-mineral technology platform allows for the replacement of petroleum based and undesirable chemistries with truly sustainable green ingredients. Its technologies can be found in various market segments including: skincare, cosmetics, nutraceuticals and food growing agricultural products for open fields and green houses . The company is based in St-Hubert on the south shore of Montreal.

About Matica

Matica is a multi-faceted, innovative company in the Quebec cannabis space. Matica has a 70% interest in RoyalMax Biotechnology Canada Inc. ("RoyalMax"). RoyalMax was recently granted a cultivation licence by Health Canada for the fully completed 10,000 square foot production facility in Dorval, Quebec. RoyalMax is one of only 12 Licensed Producers in the Province of Quebec. Matica is also building 1,000,000 square feet of greenhouses on a 181 acre property in the township of Hemmingford, south of Montreal. Matica has entered into an agreement to acquire a 40% position in Yunify Natural Technologies, a Quebec based health and personal care research and innovation company.