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Guyana Goldfields' 6.5 million ounce Aurora Gold Mine shares similarities with the Guyana Goldstrike’s Marudi Gold Project


Guyana Goldfields' (GUY.T) producing Aurora gold mine with 6.5 Million ounces is their flagship profitable operating mine and shares many similar characteristics of Guyana Goldstrike’s (GYA.V) flagship gold project the Marudi Mountain Gold Project.

The similarities between the companies and their projects are as follows:

Both companies have multiple gold bearing soft rock saprolite targets with Open Pit mine potentials, as well as hard rock Open Pit mine potentials.

Both companies hold large land packages of excess of 1000 sq. kms.

Both projects have a long history of artisanal mining in their respective areas.

Both companies are in a highly prospective greenstone belt of Guyana.

Both projects have good infrastructure and good road access.

Both companies are operating in the only English speaking country in South America, with British common law.

Guyana has a democratically elected government under a parliamentary system.

Guyana has a long history of significant gold production and Gold was the largest export of the country

Royalty Structure:

5%: Gold price $1,000/oz or less

8%: Gold price $1,000/oz +

Corporate income tax: 27.5% with no withholding tax on interest payments.

Both companies focus on health and safety of their employees, and the well-being of the Guyanese community and the protection of the natural environment.

Both companies are hiring in the region, and giving priority to local communities, which are 96% Guyanese nationals.

Both company’s gold projects are fully permitted and both are active in development.

Share Capital Comparisons:

Guyana Goldfields Share Issued: 172,842,463 

Guyana Goldfields (GUY.T) 52 week $9.68 - $4.56

Guyana Goldstrike Share Issued: 29,047,271

Guyana Goldstrike (GYA.V) 52 week $ 0.35 - $0.025


To learn more about the similarities visit www.guygold.com and www.guyanagoldstrike.com