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Camino Minerals Corp. (COR.V) has released results for three diamond drill holes completed on the Ariana zone and four holes on the Katty zone at its Los Chapitos project, located in southern Peru.

Select drill highlights for the Adriana zone include:

  • DCH-012 intersected 0.93 per cent copper over 96.5 metres, including 2.03 per cent copper over 19.5 m and 5.01 per cent copper over 4.5 m.
  • DCH-019 intersected 0.97 per cent copper over 42.0 m, including 3.31 per cent copper over 7.5 m.

Select drill highlights for the Katty zone include:

  • DCH-010 intersected 0.70 per cent copper over 43.5 m, including 1.85 per cent copper over 5.6 m.
  • DCH-014 intersected 1.20 per cent copper over 21.4 m, including 2.70 per cent copper over 7.9 m.

Holes DCH-012, DCH-016 and DCH-019 are the first holes completed from pad 2A to drill perpendicular to the initial holes which were drilled from pad 1. These holes confirm the presence of the previously reported high-grade copper mineralization, including hole CHR-002 which intersected 1.30 per cent copper over 106 m, including 2.12 per cent copper over 38 m. The results of the diamond drilling suggest two ore controls are present in the deeper mineralization. First, the Diva fault appears to be the reactivation of an earlier, structurally controlled breccia which was cemented with copper sulphides. Grades in this mineralized breccia range up to 8.30 per cent copper over 1.5 m. This mineralization is interpreted to be the steeply dipping feeder zone for the Adriana copper system. It has so far been traced for over 400 m along strike, over 350 m down dip, and is open along strike and at depth.

Second, copper also forms magnetite replacement zones spreading out into specific beds within the andesitic volcanics. This style of mineralization has so far been intersected up to 150 m away from the feeder system. All three holes from pad 2A ended in a hypabyssal volcanic which contained finely disseminated magnetite, minor pyrite and locally anomalous copper values.

At the Katty zone, holes DCH-010, and DCH-014 confirm the presence of a shallow zone of high-grade copper oxide mineralization that is plunging to the southeast. The mineralization has so far been intersected in an area measuring 75 m long, up to 75 m wide and to depths of 100 m below surface. The copper oxide mineralization is found in structurally controlled breccias and transitions into sulphide mineralization at depth. The zone is open along trend to the southeast and at depth.

Work continues on the project with two drills active, both currently working at the Adriana zone, with additional drilling planned for the Katty zone. Through the end of the year, the company expects to complete an additional 8,000 to 10,000 m of definition and stepout drilling at the Adriana zone; 2,000 to 3,000 m at the Katty zone; and preliminary drill programs at both the Vicky zone, two kilometres southeast of Katty, and the Atajo zone, located on a separate trend six km to the southwest. An amendment to the existing exploration permit has been filed for the proposed drilling at the Vicky zone. A separate permit application has been filed for the initial drill program at the Atajo zone. The company expects both will be approved in time to allow drilling in the fourth quarter of this year.

Kenneth C. McNaughton, MASc, PEng, is the qualified person (QP) responsible for the Chapitos project.

Updated drill sections and summary presentation can be found on the company's website.

                                  SELECTED DIAMOND DRILL RESULTS (1,2)

Hole               From (m)      To (m)    Interval (m)   Total Cu (%)    Acid soluble Cu (%)

DCH-012             158.50      163.00            4.50           0.44                   0.09
                    175.00      271.50           96.50           0.93                   0.19
Incl.               197.50      217.00           19.50           2.03                   0.32
And                 245.50      250.00            4.50           5.01                   0.31
DCH-016              98.50      101.50            3.00           0.29                   0.22
                    141.00      153.00           12.00           0.55                   0.43
Incl.               145.50      148.50            3.00           1.23                   1.12
                    187.00      199.50           12.50           0.17                   0.15
                    297.50      306.00            8.50           0.75                   0.21
DCH-019             186.50      201.50           15.00           0.24                   0.08
                    201.50      243.50           42.00           0.97                   0.17
Incl.               222.50      230.00            7.50           3.31                   0.10
DCH-010              16.10       21.45            5.35           0.81                   0.61
                     31.00       36.70            5.70           0.51                   0.34
                     82.30      125.80           43.50           0.70                   0.54
Incl.               120.25      125.80            5.55           1.85                   1.45
                    130.00      142.80           12.80           0.25                   0.19
DCH-013              36.50       45.75            9.25           0.67                   0.23
DCH-014              17.65       39.00           21.35           1.20                   1.04
Incl.                17.65       25.50            7.85           2.70                   2.46
                    123.50      141.70           18.20           0.50                   0.15
DCH-015                                                           NSV

(1) True thickness to be determined.
(2) All samples were submitted for preparation and analysis by ALS Chemex at its facilities
in Lima, Peru. All samples were analyzed using multidigestion with ICP finish and fire assay 
with AA finish for gold. Samples over 1 per cent copper were reanalyzed using four-acid 
digestion with an ore grade ICP finish. Mineralized samples were analyzed for acid soluble 
copper by being agitated at room temperature in a 5 per cent sulphuric acid solution with 
the copper content measured by AA. One in 20 samples was blank, one in 20 was a standard 
sample and one in 20 samples had a sample cut from assay rejects assayed as a field 
duplicate at ALS Chemex in Lima, Peru.

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