"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."


MGX Minerals Inc. (XMG.C) has acquired intellectual property and design rights to a proprietary processing design that proposes to reduce lithium brine evaporation times by greater than 99 per cent over standard solar evaporation pond processes, from approximately 18 months to one day.

The design was developed as part of the previously announced Design and Scoping Study. All intellectual property rights have now been acquired from the inventor. The Company has retained Fasken Martineau, an international business law firm, to conduct an intellectual property assessment and prepare documentation for the filing of a patent.

MGX currently controls a land package of approximately 300,000 hectares (1,150 square miles) of lithium brine bearing properties in Alberta. This includes 14 of the 24 highest grade (>=90mg/L) lithium assays throughout the Province as reported by the Alberta Geological Service. The production process was designed specifically for the highly mineralized brine associated with MGX’S lithium properties.

“This proprietary design process, combined with vast existing infrastructure in Alberta, positons MGX at the forefront of the rapidly developing lithium brine industry,” stated MGX President and CEO Jared Lazerson. “The potential advantage of using a new design to reduce lithium brine processing time is significant. Solar evaporation is necessary due to a deficiency of infrastructure that existing lithium brine producers face, particularly in the remote high altitude deserts of South America where options are extremely limited. As well, the cost/revenue model has shifted dramatically due to surging demand for lithium compounds, creating an opportunity to change how lithium is produced moving forward. There are a number of areas for improvement including the elimination of solar evaporation.

We believe the Company has solved the issue of very long production times, relatively low recoveries (40-50%) currently associated with lithium brine processing, and real estate requirement of lake size solar evaporation ponds. We are now moving to protect this intellectual property as it may have great value to MGX and the lithium industry moving forward.”