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Zinc Drill core


Aton Resources Inc. (AAN.V) updated investors with the results of the first 3 drill holes from the reverse circulation percussion ("RC") drilling programme at the Rodruin prospect within the Company's 100% owned Abu Marawat Concession ("Abu Marawat" or the "Concession"), located in the Eastern Desert of Egypt.

Capital Drilling's Gemrok MP-1000 multi-purpose rig #256 drilling on hole ROP-001 at Aladdin's Hill

Surface sampling plan of the Rodruin prospect, with showing location of individual point samples and channel sample profiles, and drill access roads and pads (10m contour intervals)

Schematic geological plan of the Aladdin's Hill area, showing locations of drill holes ROP-001 to ROP-003

Abu Marawat regional geology, showing the location of the Rodruin prospect

Highlights: Assay results are now available from the first 3 RC drill holes, ROP-001 to ROP-003, completed at the Aladdin's Hill area at Rodruin. Drilling is ongoing at Rodruin with all holes to date having intersected logged mineralisation and most having intersected ancient underground mine workings;

Drill hole ROP-003 has returned a mineralised intersection of 36m @ 12.47 g/t Au from 5m downhole depth (or 36m @ 5.38 g/t Au, using a 30 g/t Au top cut);

Drill hole ROP-003 has returned 2 separate very high grade intersections of 4m @ 63.15 g/t Au from 9m depth (or 4m @ 15.40 g/t Au, using a 30 g/t Au top cut), and 3m @ 40.67 g/t Au from 22m depth (or 3m @ 19.24 g/t Au, using a 30 g/t Au top cut), within the overall mineralised zone. Individual sample grades over metre intervals include 221 g/t Au and 94.3 g/t Au. These results confirm the presence of very high grade zones of mineralisation with coarse gold at Aladdin's Hill, as indicated by previous surface and underground sampling;

Drill hole ROP-002 has returned an overall mineralised intersection of 59m @ 0.90 g/t Au from surface;

Drill hole ROP-001 has returned mineralised intersections of 13m @ 1.02 g/t Au from 10m depth, and 5m @ 2.97 g/t Au from 50m depth.

"These results really speak for themselves. The results correlate very well with our mapping and channel sampling as well as the previous surface grid and underground sampling at Aladdin's Hill, and we are very encouraged by them," said Mark Campbell, President and CEO. "This ancient mining area, which we now call Rodruin, had been lost until we found it last December. This discovery was no small accomplishment, as the site is located in very rugged, isolated and steep terrain. Our regional exploration programme initiated last year over our Abu Marawat Concession area was the genesis of the Rodruin discovery. The ancient high grade tailings dumps at Eradiya East, approximately 3km from Rodruin and the archaeological evidence of technologically advanced ancient processing sites seen in the surrounding areas, led us to seek the source of what was apparently potentially very high grade ore being mined by the ancients. Through the use of spectral imaging and good old boots on the ground, we were able to discover this large ancient mining site. Subsequently, we have built a 4.5km road up the side of the mountain, and are continuing to construct drill access roads and pads. Our mapping and sampling programmes have assisted us in developing our geological interpretation that Rodruin has the potential to be a very significant system of gold mineralisation, including some very high grade zones within it. We believe that the initial results from our ongoing first pass drilling programme appear to be confirming this potential."