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Acerus Pharmaceuticals Corp. (ASP.T) has entered into an exclusive distributor and licence agreement with Innovus Pharmaceuticals Inc., a California-based specialty pharmaceutical company developing safe and effective over-the-counter medicines, granting Acerus the exclusive rights to commercialize UriVarx in Canada.

UriVarxtrademark is a Natural Health Product (NHP) that helps reduce symptoms of hyperactive bladder such as daytime urinary frequency, urgency and nocturia. The product was recently approved by Health Canada and will be offered over-the-counter to Canadians dealing with such symptoms.

Nearly 1 in 5 Canadians over the age of 35 experience overactive bladder symptoms1. Men and women's lives are directly impacted by an overactive bladder, and the current treatment options may come with systemic side effects.

"This is a great partnership for Acerus as UriVarxtrademark is well-aligned with our strategy of optimizing our existing presence in urology and maintaining an active dialogue with Canadian patients. As UriVarxtrademark is already approved by Health Canada, the Acerus team expects to launch the product in the second half of 2018, thereby potentially generating meaningful revenues this year," said Tricia Symmes, Chief Operating Officer of Acerus.

"We are pleased to be partnering with Innovus to bring this innovative NHP, with a strong clinical data package, to the Canadian market. Moving forward we will continue to proactively seek similar opportunities that can leverage our existing salesforce as well as provide accelerated financial returns," added Luc Mainville, Interim Chief Executive Officer of Acerus.

Bassam Damaj, President and Chief Executive Officer of Innovus, noted: "We are confident that Acerus Pharmaceuticals is an excellent partner to bring UriVarxtrademark to the Canadian market, with an established dedicated presence in Canadian men and women's health as well as in urology."

Under the terms of the exclusive distributor and license agreement, Innovus will receive a payment at signing, as well as milestone payments based on Acerus achieving certain sales targets. Innovus will oversee the manufacturing of UriVarxtrademark and will receive a supply price for the product.

About Acerus

Acerus Pharmaceuticals Corporation is a Canadian-based specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the development, manufacture, marketing and distribution of innovative, branded products that improve patient experience, with a primary focus in the field of men's and women's health. The Company commercializes its products via its own salesforce in Canada, and through a global network of licensed distributors in the U.S. and other territories.

Acerus currently has two marketed products: ESTRACEtrademark, a product for the symptomatic relief of menopausal symptoms, is commercialized in Canada; and NATESTOtrademark, the first and only testosterone nasal gel for testosterone replacement therapy in adult males diagnosed with hypogonadism, is commercialized in Canada and the U.S. In addition, NATESTOtrademark has been licensed for distribution in 30 countries worldwide. Marketing approvals in jurisdictions outside of North America are expected to take place over the course of the coming years. Acerus' pipeline includes three innovative product lines: GYNOFLOR{A ™}, an ultra-low dose vaginal estrogen combined with a probiotic, for which a NDS has been filed in Canada for the treatment of vaginal atrophy, restoration of vaginal flora and treatment of certain vaginal infections; TEFINA{A ™}, a clinical stage product aimed at addressing a significant unmet need for women with female sexual dysfunction; and ELEGANT{A ™}, a franchise comprised of ELEGANT{A ™} Vaginal Moisturizer, which provides comfort to women suffering from vaginal dryness, and ELEGANT{A ™} pH, which is a pH balanced vaginal product. Finally, the Company owns or has a license to numerous patents relating to proprietary delivery systems as well as novel formulations of products currently in the early stage of development.