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Quantum Numbers Corp. (QNC.V) has officially launched QNG2, a next generation of quantum random-number generators (QRNG) solutions. QNG2 is specifically designed to be integrated into consumer electronics, but powerful enough to secure sensitive communications, including financial and mobile communications, cloud-based applications, as well as military communications. The corporation has filed the patent in Canada, the United States, Europe and in 10 other strategic countries.

"We provide a source of absolute randomness, a key prerequisite for any encryption scheme to provide reliable cybersecurity. QNC's QNG2 is a cutting-edge QNRG based on quantum tunnelling, a purely quantum effect that guaranties complete randomness. It also has the capacity to deliver up to one gigabit per second of full-entropy random numbers, and is small enough to be embedded in a microprocessor chip. This unique technology provides one of the highest-potential security for electronic devices connected to the Internet," stated Dr. Bertrand Reulet, inventor of the technology, board member and technical adviser of the corporation.

QNC is licensing the technology to leading manufacturers and integrators to address the market needs for an affordable but very secure hardware encryption.

"Our technology can be integrated to protect Internet of Things (IoT), machine-to-machine (M2M), computers and mobile devices. Our goal is to become the reference in the industry," commented Pierre Miron, president and chief executive officer of the corporation.