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Mobi724 Global Solutions Inc. (MOS.C) has signed a partnership agreement with CredibanCo, Colombia's largest payment cards network and processor, to deliver an integrated card-linked offers and digital marketing platform for card issuers and retailers in the Colombian market.

MOBI724's innovative card-linked offers patent-pending solution will allow Colombian card issuers to enable cardholders to redeem offers directly at the more than 172,000 CredibanCo points-of-sale - all within a seamless user experience for all the parties in the ecosystem: issuers, cardholders and retailers.

Cardholders will have the ability to receive relevant and targeted card-linked offers and rewards. With MOBI724's innovative card-linked offers solution, when a consumer makes a purchase with a debit or credit card and - once the transaction is authorized - the value of the offer or reward is credited to the cardholder's account in real time. This platform gives card issuers the opportunity to increase spend and usage while fostering consumer loyalty and the ability to send real time personalized notifications.

Colombian card issuers will also benefit from MOBI724's other solutions and services, including data analytics and business intelligence.

MOBI724 and CredibanCo will go to market with a joint solution providing an integrated platform that helps card issuers offer new and innovative solutions with ease. Integration is underway.

"We are thrilled to partner with CredibanCo, the largest payment-acquiring network in Colombia, to offer our state-of-the-art card-linked offers and business intelligence platform. We are looking forward to leveraging the full potential of our solution for the benefit of card issuers and cardholders, while adding more transactions for CredibanCo's merchants," says Marcel Vienneau, CEO, MOBI724.

Luis Sierra, VP Corporate Business CredibanCo, stated: "We are enthusiastic about this opportunity to add significant value to our merchant network, card issuing business partners and the end consumer through Mobi724's leading-edge proven solutions; we look forward to greatly invigorate the Colombian market around card-linked offers and electronic marketing."

About CredibanCo

CredibanCo is a Colombian corporation, facilitating and simplifying methods of electronic payments, transactions and digital information in the financial and retail areas. CredibanCo is the largest processor in the country and has more than 220,000 affiliated merchants and more than 172,000 points of sales for electronic payment acceptance. The company has been a pioneer in the launch of mobile payment solutions. www.credibanco.com

About Mobi724 Global Solutions

Mobi724 Global Solutions Inc. (CSE:MOS) is a fintech leader offering integrated EMV payment, card-linked offers and digital marketing. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Mobi724 is innovating its market with technology solutions that interoperate seamlessly with any credit/debit card and any mobile device. Mobi724's solutions increase transaction volumes and average spend while benefitting financial institutions, merchants and cardholders.