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Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc. (YFI.V) has released aera -- the world's first six-band wireless router/access point. aera is the only wireless router that can broadcast on six channels of Wi-Fi concurrently. aera can connect more users with better quality of service from a single radio than any router available on the market today. The new aera router also boasts the latest in wireless network security with dedicated, real-time 360-degree spectrum surveillance and a suite of features designed for wireless densification.

aera is a compete solution for wireless service providers, cable operators and network managers to maximize capacity and performance of wireless networks. aera is being launched with a innovative indoor chasis design, which features an integrated antenna design designed to maximize performance and simplify installation while connecting more devices with better quality of service and network capacity.

Today, Edgewater Wireless launched a new chapter in the wireless world with our most innovative wireless router yet. With the demand for better wireless connectivity and capacity growing exponentially, aera is the answer to solving ultra high density WiFi," said Andrew Skafel, President and CEO of Edgewater Wireless. "With aera, we've focused on solving the two most critical issues in wireless networks - WiFi Interference and WiFi Capacity. It's a new era for WiFi and we're leading the way."

aera utilizes a patented, high-performance chipset coupled with industry-leading management software to maximize performance with Multi-Channel Single Radio (MCSR) hardware. MCSR utilizes patented technology that mitigates WiFi interference. Simply put, aera solves Co-Channel and Adjacent Channel interference - interference which crushes wireless radio performance resulting in poor, slow or no connection to wireless networks which frustrates users while limiting WiFI network performance.

aera was designed with significant input from teams at Kyrio. Edgewater Wireless has been working closely with the organization to continuously test wireless radio performance and enhance the design of the aera indoor WiFi router. aera has been designed specifically for commercial applications in retail, manufacturing, MDU, campus, hospitality and enterprise industries - some of the fastest growing and most challenging market segments in WiFi.

"We're excited to have played a roll in the development of aera. As a testing company we're continually focused on providing objective feedback to our customers and partners based on our rigourous testing protocols" said Wylie Nelson, VP of Wireless & Testing Services for Kyrio. "Testing radio performance in the real world where interference and a large number of connected devices is critical to enhancing product design for any wireless product. Which is something the team who worked on aera are dedicated to."

aera is available for preorder now with general availability in late spring. You can learn more about aera soon by visiting www.edgewaterwireless.com

About Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc.:

Edgewater Wireless develops and commercializes leading edge technologies and intellectual property for the communications market. Edgewater Wireless delivers advanced product solutions designed to meet the high-density, high quality of service (QoS) and high-reliability needs of service providers and their customers. Leveraging over twenty (20) patents, Edgewater's WiFi3(TM) is redefining WiFi technology with its wide-band, multi-channel radio and high-capacity Access Point solutions, and delivering next generation WiFi, today.