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Fandom Sports Media Corp.'s (FDM.C) app launch remains on schedule. Select fans/users, including our investors will soon be able to enjoy the FanDom app in beta version. There will be an "Explore" section that features fresh fan-fights, fan-cams and other fan-fare. Also, fans will be able to create their own fights with friends and fans alike.

Using our proprietary fight resolution "gamification" algorithm, there will always be a victor. Winners will earn payouts by way of a reward mechanism utilizing "coins" in a virtual trophy room, which can be used for merchandise and entry to a higher tier whereby fans/users can challenge sports legends.

Player cards will track "status levels" which will be based on user engagement and victories. FanDom is excited that fans will be able to interact with sponsors and influence advertising.

"Our fans/users mean everything to us at FanDom Sports. Our mission is to enable fans and users alike to create debating challenges that will ultimately be settled by a software-driven proprietary algorithmic argument engine. All fans will be incentivized based on engagement, victories and referrals. FanDom Sports has created a sports argumentation ecosystem that showcases debating fights, resolutions and rewards. I am pleased to report that the beta is imminent" says Blair Naughty, CEO, FanDom Sports.

About FanDom Sports Media Corp. FanDom Sports is a comprehensive mobile sports experience, giving the sports fan a front row seat to the hottest debates in sports. All Day, Every Day.