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Zecotek Photonics Inc. (ZMS.V) has signed a joint development agreement with one of Germany's leading automobile manufacturers, to develop a brand-specific, 3-D head-up display (HUD) and entertainment console. As previously announced on Dec. 14, 2016, and March 30, 2017, Zecotek's 3-D display system is being sought by a number of German and other European automobile manufacturers.

"We have signed a contract to develop the world's first 3-D HUD system with a highly respected automobile manufacturer with a clear path to commercialization and widespread adoption," said Dr. A.F. Zerrouk, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Zecotek Photonics. "The co-operation agreement with a major German automobile manufacturer is a major milestone for our company and our 3-D display program. Our patented 3-D display technology has significant competitive advantages over systems in operation today. It has many more views compared to your typical HUD display, which allows for new possibilities in terms of content and how information is displayed to the driver. The real depth effect created by our 3-D technology allows images to be placed further or closer to the driver in a natural and comfortable way, in real time. Our approach eliminates cross-talk, a drawback for most other systems where the image jumps around as a driver moves their head from side to side. Our system is highly compatible with augmented reality technology and provides exciting platform opportunities in terms of realistic and safer content display. Our system does not require eye tracking. Furthermore, we acknowledge the potential for our 3-D technology to be transferred beyond the automobile sector, to several other products in large and substantial markets. Flat screen technology has advanced to a point where they are faster and much more compact, and for this reason we expect our 3-D technology to be transferred to other applications in laptop computers, instrument panels and possibly smart phones. We are working diligently to bring this leading-edge 3-D technology to the broader marketplace."