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Hamilton Thorne Ltd. (HTL.V) has launched its TrakJector micromanipulator system, which offers a unique, intuitive control system for fast and accurate ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) and embryo biopsy procedures in the ART (assisted reproductive technology) laboratory.

David Wolf, President and Chief Executive Officer stated, "The TrakJector micromanipulator system complements Hamilton Thorne's existing product line of precision laser instruments and image analysis systems that are used today in hundreds of In Vitro Fertilization clinics worldwide. The introduction of the TrakJector represents a meaningful milestone for us as we move towards our goal of providing a full range of high performance, best-in-class solutions for the ART market."

TrakJector features include:

True one-handed operation using the AIOtrackball (All-in-One Trackball) in conjunction with the MIUmotOil (Motorized Oil Injection Unit).

Easy to control both the injection holding pressure and the motorized movement using the trackball and the two buttons.

The integrated, ergonomic GELpillow allows hands to stay relaxed during extended operating sessions.

An adjustable velocity setting permits balancing between operators and different magnifications.

Coarse adjustments are offered in all relevant directions.

The ability to disengage movement in the y-axis coupled with the superb accuracy allows an injection movement of proper parallelism.

The TrakJector microinjection holder provides a two-step adjustment for the injection and holding angles. Both coarse and fine adjustments are easily made using a rotating control.

The swing out mechanism permits easy access to the micropipettes. Combine this with the automatic HOME function for a fast and reliable way to exchange micropipettes and return them back to the original working position.

Designed and manufactured in Germany, the TrakJector micromanipulators offer outstanding performance in smooth/fine control, precision (tolerance less than 1 microm), speed, mechanical stability, low-maintenance operation, and easy cleaning. TrakJector is available in both motorized and manual oil injector versions. In the future, a manual air injection unit will be available. The TrakJector fits on all common inverted microscopes from Leica, Olympus, Nikon and ZEISS.

The TrakJector system is available for sale through Hamilton Thorne's growing direct sales presence in the Americas and Europe and through its worldwide distribution network.

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