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360 Blockchain Inc. (CODE.C) continues to execute on its business plan to deploy its capital and expertise to invest in blockchain technologies by striking a joint venture with NOS Blockchain Inc., which provides 360 with first right of refusal on all NOS blockchain technologies.

NOS is a subsidiary of Nerds On Site Inc., a company founded in 1995, specializing in providing cost effective, leading edge solutions to small and medium sized enterprise (SME), serving as the complete SME IT solution specialists. Nerds on Site was established in 1995 in London, Ontario. The company services over 12,000 clients per year with a superb 96.5% customer satisfaction rating.

360 and NOS Blockchain Inc., subsidiary of Nerds On Site, agree in principal to a joint venture.

360 initially invests $100,000 to be used to accelerate development of NOS blockchain technologies, and will coordinate and further finance full cycle of application development and launch.

360 receives first right of refusal on all NOS technologies.

"360 Blockchain Inc. has invested $100,000 in NOS to accelerate the development and implementation of NOS's existing, advanced blockchain technologies," said Mr. George Tsafalas, President and CEO of 360 Blockchain Inc. "The leadership team at NOS Blockchain Inc. has an extensive track record of success, building a technology company from the grassroots into a market leader in the IT solutions space. Their advanced stage blockchain technologies are the basis of our decision to structure a joint venture and invest $100,000 at this time," added Mr. Tsafalas.

Also noted previously, Nerds On Site is in the process of its initial public offering to fund overall expansion of its lucrative highly scalable business model.

About 360 Blockchain Inc.

360 Blockchain Inc. has an all-round view to accelerate the development and application of revolutionary blockchain technologies by investing capital and expertise. We are founded on the belief that blockchain technology, essentially a distributed ledger which is transparent and incorruptible, has the potential to transform the way business is conducted, delivering security, cost savings and efficiency gains not seen before in our internet connected world. 360 Blockchain will be focused upon identifying and empowering blockchain technologies applying to crypto-currencies, smart contracts, eSports, data management, the internet of things, equity trading, privacy applications and beyond.