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Datametrex AI Ltd. (DM.V) has entered into a licence and partnership agreement with ABC Solutions, a software and services provider for the public, finance and government sectors, to sell the AI platform and DataTap technology.

ABC has number of key clients across the South Korean market and sees tremendous potential to capture data and provide key insight to decision makers of these organizations.

ABC has a contract with the Korean Tourism Organization (KTO), for its social media analysis, marketing and monitoring initiatives for the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympic Games where there will be tremendous amounts of social data to analyze. This is an ideal opportunity for ABC to introduce and implement Nexalogy AI solutions.

Nexalogy provides key insight from social data and when combined with traditional data captured with the DataTap device, organizations can see a unique blend of structured and unstructured information that is vital for business intelligence.

Under the terms of the agreement, Datametrex will receive an upfront payment from ABC which consists of a software licence fee and applicable training and support. In addition, the companies will determine a revenue sharing model as sales are ramped on the DataTap and Nexalogy products across ABC's sales channels.

"We are excited to work with ABC and deliver them cutting-edge business intelligence technology to key clients across South Korea. There are a number of near-term opportunities that we are working on, and we see the accretive nature of this partnership moving rapidly," said Andrew Ryu, chairman and chief executive officer of Datametrex AI.

About Datametrex AI Ltd.

Datametrex AI is focused on the collection of retail sales data, providing government agencies and Fortune 500 corporations with artificial intelligence technology and implementing blockchain solutions for secure data transfers. The company is planning on integrating the DataTap environment to decentralized blockchains to further authenticate and validate the data collected.