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To provide heating and cooling to customers through a heat supply agreement across Scotland


SHARC International Systems Inc. (SHRC.C) joined forces with Scottish Water Horizons, an executive non-departmental statutory corporation of the Scottish Government under the Water Industry Commission for Scotland, to establish a joint venture which will enable them to expand and accelerate the deployment of wastewater heat recovery systems across Scotland.

The joint venture, to be called Bandwidth Energy Ltd. has been set up to manage the installation and maintenance of a number of key green energy projects which are currently in the advanced stages of planning.

Scottish Water Horizons will provide commercial funding for the projects, with SHARC providing the design, build and operational expertise for the green energy installations.

The Scottish Government is supporting the projects by providing 50 per cent grant capital support through its Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme.

The new alliance will support the Scottish Government’s ambitious renewable heat and carbon reduction targets for 2020. It is the result of three years of collaboration between SHARC and Scottish Water Horizons, which has created a £20 million ($36.8 million CAD) pipeline of potential installations across Scotland that, when deployed, will generate 170 GWHs per year of heating and cooling to displace the fossil fuel currently used.

This joint venture follows the launch of the UK’s first Sewage Heat Recovery system, developed and installed by SHARC and facilitated by Scottish Water Horizons, at Borders College in Galashiels, which aims to displace 1.8 GWhs (Giga Watt hours) of natural gas and save over 150 tonnes of carbon emissions per year.

The system provides heating and cooling to customers through a heat supply agreement. This works much like that of any energy supplier, but the main difference is that customers have no up-front costs. Included in the heat supply agreement are the costs of design, installation, servicing and maintenance and the supply of equipment.

The innovative SHARC™ wastewater heat exchange system, which has been deployed in numerous international locations, intercepts wastewater from sewers and uses heat pump technology to amplify the natural warmth of wastewater. This generates an energy-saving, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly system for heating, cooling and hot water production in commercial and residential buildings.



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