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SHARC International Systems Inc. (SHRC.C)  has entered sales representative agreements with Frontier Refrigeration & Mechanical Services Ltd.

Under the terms of the sales agreement, Frontier has been authorized to sell Vancouver-based Sharc products throughout the province of Manitoba, effective immediately.

"We are excited about extending the Sharc product lines into Manitoba with Frontier," said Lynn Mueller, chief executive officer of Sharc International Systems. "I am excited to be working with Walter and his whole team as they share our mission to provide professional, high-quality, efficient services in the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) industry and recognizes the enormous potential of Sharc technology. Frontier is a great fit."

The partnership combines Sharc's unique and innovative waste water energy recycling technology, which provides efficient and economical space heating and cooling for commercial, residential and industrial buildings, with Frontier's leading experts in commercial and industrial HVAC and refrigeration system solutions as a world-class manufacturer's representative firm.

Since 1979, Frontier has proven to be a true solution provider. Based in West St. Paul, Man., Frontier represent companies and systems from specialty refrigeration equipment, condensing boilers, cooling towers, custom air handling units, arena/curling facilities (artificial ice plants) to computer room cooling prepackaged design build. The team consists of skilled and experienced staff dedicated to providing application and product selection assistance to consulting engineers, design build contractors, sound consultants and architects that are committed to ensuring buildings operate as efficiently as possible.

"Our mission is quite simple, we want to methodically sell the very best energy recovery technology in the world to our prequalified customers that will see an ROI (return on investment) quickly. Sharc energy systems offers all of this and more with a simple yet effective energy recovery technology for endless applications within our existing and new customers alike," said Walter Lehmann, president of Frontier Refrigeration & Mechanical Services. "I think swimming with the Sharcs will be an exciting chapter for both Frontier and Sharc."

About Sharc International Systems Inc.

Sharc International Systems is a world leader in thermal heat recovery. Sharc systems recycle thermal energy from waste water, generating one of the most energy efficient and economical systems for heating, cooling and hot water preheating for commercial, residential and industrial buildings.