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Kraken Robotics Inc.'s (PNG.V) wholly owned subsidiary, Kraken Robotic Systems Inc., has entered into a co-operation agreement with Leeway Marine Inc. Under the terms of the agreement, both companies will work together to integrate Kraken's SeaScouttrademark Expeditionary Seabed Mapping and Intelligence System onboard Leeway's Striker high speed patrol vessel.

Jamie Sangster, Leeway Marine President and CEO said, "Leeway implements industry leading programs which are focused on efficient modular payload integration across the fleet. Our latest acquisition, Leeway Striker, pushes current industry boundaries by introducing military grade offshore performance to the subsea data acquisition market. The combination of reduced crew, increased transit speeds and sophisticated underwater robotic payloads, significantly improves response times and decreases data acquisition costs per square kilometre. The integration of Kraken's SeaScouttrademark system aboard Striker enables a significant leap in both the quality of data and the ability to collect data in harsh ocean conditions."

Building on their previous work together, Kraken and Leeway have commenced detailed engineering design reviews with an objective of having a technology demonstration system deployed before the end of the year. Kraken will be exhibiting the SeaScouttrademark system at the defence security conference, DEFSEC, to be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia from October 2. The Leeway Striker will also be docked at the DEFSEC pier and will be conducting operational cruises in Halifax harbour during the conference.

Karl Kenny, Kraken President and CEO said, "Today's legacy minehunting systems are a reactive process that are slow to engage; employ dated assets that are cumbersome to operate; and provide low resolution data. With the advent of new technologies, such as Synthetic Aperture Sonar and robotics, a transformation of capability is now available to enable maritime dominance in littoral environments. Technical innovations such as the Striker/SeaScout system create capabilities far superior to existing legacy systems and will help shape next generation naval forces."

About Leeway's Striker Patrol Vessel

Striker is capable of operational speeds of over 50 knots, making the platform the world's fastest Minehunting and Hydrographic Patrol Vessel (MHPV) to deploy to survey areas. The Striker MHPV will be targeted to minehunting and hydrographic survey applications in littoral waters with operational depths of up to 200 metres.

Maritime countries have embarked on transformation initiatives within their militaries to address the new security realities of the 21st century. One of the realities that has not changed is the threat posed to modern navies by naval mines. Much like their land-based counterparts, the improvised explosive device (IED), naval mines represent a clear and present danger to modern seafaring fleets. Difficult to dispose of but cheap to deploy, mines have been and continue to be a useful means of denying access to waters.

Global proliferation of naval mines, both older variants and advanced designs, has continued to grow. As naval forces engage in more expeditionary operations, they must be prepared to counter the challenge posed by mines. This includes ensuring that vital sea lines of communication, strategic chokepoints throughout the world, commercial ports and naval bases remain open and uncontested. To meet the challenge of the 21st century mine threat, maritime countries must continue to develop balanced minehunting and hydrographic mapping capabilities that satisfy expeditionary operations.

The need to replace aging mine hunting ships, some of which have been in service since the 1970's, has driven the need for a vessel capable of fulfilling multiple capabilities. Pooling together resources and increasing the efficiency of one class of vessel has resulted in the Striker/SeaScout combination of minehunting and hydrographic capabilities in a single platform.

The SeaScouttrademark system incorporates several industry-leading modules from Kraken Robotics:

KATFISH, an actively stabilized towfish with Synthetic Aperture Sonar providing wide area seafloor coverage, superior pixel resolution for target detection and real-time full resolution SAS processing to enable in-stride automatic target detection.

TENTACLEtrademark, an intelligent all-electric winch that hosts sophisticated algorithms for dynamic manual, semi-autonomous or fully autonomous control. The integrated motion reference unit tracks the motion of the host vessel, and the onboard software models and predicts the sea state. The winch will be integrated into a completely Autonomous Launch & Recovery System (ALARS).

Real time sea-floor imagery transmission using secure, reliable and fast content delivery to cloud-based storage location to/from fixed sites and mobile platforms.

Cloud based data analytics, using machine learning for automated change detection of targets by comparing seabed targets against previously surveyed bottom mapping baseline information.

A photo accompanying this announcement is available at http://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/1b8eb3a8-b59e-44a0-a336-42c54af239a4

About Kraken Robotics Inc.

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