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 Investment Opportunity in Digital Advertising


Disrupted Logic's ctalyst®  is the next generation of mobile digital advertising.

This new digital ad network allows all companies to place products, services, offers, deals, sales and other company information into Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Games (Mobile & PC) and Apps.

The network provides native, real-time, interactive and engaging ads where the ads are genuine, real, and natural.

The ads can be changed in real-time and instantly, all ads are interactive and engaging to the viewer.

Advertisements are positioned directly inside an app, or a game.

Ads can't be blocked, and they never interfere with the experience of the viewer / user.

The ads are an interactive, creative and are genuine part of the experience.

Easily advertise in any of these digital mediums;

Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality

Mobile Applications

Video Games

They are not boring, ineffective overlays, banners, commercials or interstitials ads, they are the next wave of digital advertising.


Digital advertising is rapidly growing, with another 18% increase worldwide on top of the 20% achieved this year according to eMarketer. Facebook and Google will continue to consume more and more of the digital advertising revenues (Google $24B, Facebook $8B) from the industry along with digital advertising going mobile.


As this growth trend accelerates, Google and Facebook will combine for 61% of all digital advertising revenue by 2018, up from "just" 35% in 2015.

We're seeing growth from Facebook and Google, but it's not those platforms overall -- the second big trend for 2017 is mobile advertising dollars running to catch up with mobile time spent.

 Google 2

Disrupted Logic's ctalyst® is the only known digital advertising technology that places real-time non-disruptive advertisements into mobile games, apps, movies, television shows, and video-on-demand.

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