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Clean Tech Company Seeks Investors

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Points to consider with this opportunity and company:


  •         The Clean Energy sector is attracting many new investors.
  •       The world is at the beginning of a long term "clean" energy market. 
  •        A solid and accomplished management team with 200+ years of experience in this industry.    
  •        The integrity of the capital structure has been maintained in that there are; few shares out (28M), the company is free from debt,  has no warrants outstanding and there are no preferred shares.
  •       The company will be into "cash flow" in the near term based on four mid-power installation contracts ranging from $300,000 to $8 Million. 
  •       The company is distinctive in that it has an enormous project pipeline with two very unique initiatives.
  •       Has in place bond financing for utility-scale projects and its own utility corporation in California.
  •       The company continues to grow rapidly in size and scope as it moves forward.
  •       The company is prequalified by the TSX Venture Exchange to be classified in the category of “Industrial or Technology or Life Sciences”. 



        Prior to the TSX Venture listing the company will complete:

       Feasibility Report from SNC Lavalin on a solar project. The company is using this project as its qualifying transaction.   

       A full Business Plan including cash flow projections for a minimum of one year plus an industry description. 

 A concurrent financing of $2,000,000 through a private placement of 4 million shares priced at 50 cents. 



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