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Microsoft Rural Broadband Initiative





Ruralink Wireless (RVR.C) in partnership with Ark Multicasting is building 130 regional wireless broadband networks in rural USA providing (ISP) internet services to 44 million rural residents.

ARK Multicasting and Microsoft Announce Agreement for Rural Broadband and Distributed Cloud Services




“We partner with equipment makers, internet and energy access providers, and local entrepreneurs to make affordable broadband access a reality for communities around the world.”

“Elimination of the broadband gap requires deployment of low-cost technology at scale. We support businesses working to increase internet and energy access and make it more affordable. Partnerships include co-investment and access to resources like technology, digital skills, and reseller programs.



Source: Microsoft




  1. A Microsoft survey in 2019 estimated 160 million rural residents do not have access to broadband internet.
  2. 30 million rural residents have no access to the internet.
  3. Ruralink is using TV White Space technology to enhance network broadband capacity and efficiency. Working with Ark Multicasting who own 283 TV stations with 130 stations in rural US.
  4. Ruralink wireless network will be fastest (25MB/sec) and cheapest (US$25 per month) internet provider in all of its markets.
  5. First wireless broadband network is under construction in Crockett, Texas.
  6. Commercial Completion of Crockett, Texas network estimated: 3 months / Feb 2020.
  7. Crockett network cash flow commences March 2020.

With its “Microsoft Airband Initiative” Microsoft will re-imburse 100% of network capital costs for the Crockett, Texas network installment and all other network installations, through their Broadband Initiative.

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