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 Selects Drill Targets at Toucan Ridge Discovery Area, Marudi Gold Project, Guyana


Drilling Brazil Images


Guyana Goldstrike Inc. (GYA.V) has selected drill targets at the Marudi Gold Project located in Guyana, South America.

The Company's 2018/19 trenching program successfully outlined a new mineralized area that continues for more than 1.75 kilometres along Toucan Ridge (see map below). Toucan Ridge is roughly one kilometre northeast of the Mazoa Hill Zone which currently contains the Project's mineral resource estimate (please see " Mineral Resource Estimate " below).

A diamond drill program of up to 12 holes is planned and may be extended. The planned drill program will predominately focus on Toucan Ridge where a total of 2,458 metres of trenching was completed and 837 samples were taken.

Drill targets have been chosen from identified magnetic anomalies and gold assays from surface trenching and sampling of the quartzite-metachert host rock.

The specific drill locations will be in proximity to trenches TTR-18-7 and TTR-18-8, as priority targets, followed potentially by drilling trench areas TTR-18-9, TTR-18-11, TTR-18-12, and TTR-18-13.

In 2018, trenches TTR-18-7 and TTR-18-8 assayed grades as high as 7.2 g/t Au over 3 metres.

The first drill pads will be positioned to drill angled holes across the area of trenches TTR-18-7 and TTR-18-8 to an initial planned depth of 130 metres and a maximum depth of 200 metres.

In preparation for the next phase of exploration, the technical team has reviewed the legacy data, including drill assays, drill angles, collar location, grade and interval lengths from past drilling on the Property in order to further refine its exploration efforts at Marudi. The compilation of these historic drill assays will provide important information that the technical team will use to calibrate drilling on the Property.

The following assay highlights are from the Mazoa Hill Zone which is approximately one kilometre south west of the Toucan Ridge discovery area:

Assay Highlights of Sutton Resources Diamond Drill Programs 1991-94 - Mazoa Hill Zone:

  • - MR 91-068 - 6 metres of 29.97 g/t Au; within 72 metres of 5.11 g/t Au

    - MR 91-074 - 15 metres of 15.30 g/t Au; within 75.00 metres of 4.60 g/t Au

    - MR 94-102 - 52 metres of 4.06 g/t Au; within 190 metres of 2.39 g/t Au

    - MR 94-113 - 36 metres of 7.74 g/t Au; within 141 metres of 3.31 g/t Au

    - MR 94-115 - 45 metres of 10.82 g/t Au and 30 metres of 15.16 g/t Au; within 81 metres of 7.71 g/t Au

    - MR 94-120 - 12 metres of 16.65 g/t Au; within 57 metres of 4.51 g/t Au


Target Area Location Map